Thursday, September 10, 2009

Test, Testing, Tested, but not Teased

My students probably don't realize this, but I get nervous about the first test as well. Why? because I want them to do well and I wonder if I did a good enough job when prepping them for it. I try to make things as clear and up front as possible. They even have all six essay questions right up front. Don't panic, I only pick two essays out of the six, but they never know which two I'll pick. Then there's multiple choice; I try not to have any trick or misleading questions. I even try to throw in funny and ridiculous answers to help break their tension, all the time holding them to high standards.

But tests can be stressful for some people. That's why I break down all the semester's information into four tests, all bearing equal weight with no comprehensive final. In case, somebody doesn't do well on one test, they have three other opportunities. (Today and tomorrow all four of my classes have their first test.)

Rockhurst also has a Learning Center with great staff: students and hired professionals, who can help you improve your study habits and prep for tests. We also have a Counseling Center for stress management and that has ways to diagnose if you have some challenges that require a doctor's help whether with appropriate medication for anxiety or hyperactivity, or the need for extended test time in a quiet environment.

Bottom line, at Rockhurst University we're all here to help you do the best that you can do. We set high, yet attainable, goals and "push you" to achieve those goals, to learn new skills, and hone ones you already have.

Basically all of life is a test. How will you respond in this situation? How will you solve this problem? How will you innovate and improve on that?

Check us out, as well as our Learning and Counseling Centers.

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Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.