Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Green Computing

As a faculty member, we all serve on various committees. I so happen to be the Chair of the Information Technology Committee (ITC). ITC deals with Computer Services as well as Information Literacy (the library side, books, databases, etc.) We’re constantly trying to improve.
Rockhurst University was one of the first campuses to go entirely wireless. Now we’ve just made a big leap forward by going green and using “thin clients.” This means that computer labs have computer screens that tap into a centralized campus-wide server and are not attached to individual computers. They use 90% less energy than traditional PCs. The speed is much faster and no info is lost if the workstation you’re sitting at somehow goes down. You can log on to another station and immediately be right back where you were! This is true for all 18 computer labs across campus. Eventually thin clients will populate more places around campus. While some other colleges and universities in the area have some thin clients, Rockhurst, at least for now, is the only one to undertake such a massive upgrade of its computer system.
Rockhurst continues to strive for excellence in technology regarding education. This move also “makes God’s good world better” by being environmentally friendly and responsible stewards of our resources. This is an economic savings to Rockhurst. We have a great Computer Services staff.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exotic Getaway w/ Education

Have you ever thought about studying in some exotic location? Rockhurst University offers the opportunity to Study Abroad in some pretty cool locations. Or is that HOT locations? No matter what your scene, RU holds exciting opportunities to study in other countries.

This summer there are two groups out there doin’ their thang. One’s in Costa Rica (la vida loca) and one’s in France (oo lalah). Check ‘em out.

And don’t forget to check out the info on our Study Abroad Program.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Banking with a Bang

Well the 4th of July weekend is right around the corner. It’s a time to celebrate freedom. Along with independ -ence from Great Britain, Independ -ence Day also held up the lofty ideas of freedom of information and pursuit of happiness through acquiring knowledge. Benjamin Franklin is noted for his many witty quotes, one of which is: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” For him and many Founding Fathers (who incidentally were well-educated), freedom of information and knowledge was a liberating thing. They believed the best way to educate the general public was through freedom of the press. Let people have all the facts and make up their own minds. Withholding information and promulgating disinformation was part of what the British government was doing.

This drive for liberty and freedom of thought gave rise to many colleges that espoused the Liberal Arts. Education is to be a liberating enterprise. Knowledge is power that can break the bonds of oppression forged by ignorance and misinformation. Rockhurst University promotes the seven liberal arts disciplines: Artistic, Historical, Literary, Philosophical, Theological, Scientific-Causal, & Scientific-Relational. We at Rockhurst believe that this Liberal Arts Core builds a Rock Solid foundation, empowering you to be a free thinker in a life-giving fashion. The Liberal Arts prepares you to function and serve in society as a well-balanced and well-rounded person.

BTW, Liberal Arts doesn’t mean “liberal” in the political sense of “far-left.” One can be politically conservative and totally embrace a Liberal Arts education, because it seeks the truth no matter where that leads; and Truth has nothing to be afraid of. The Liberal Arts, however, point out that there are many perspectives that can have a bearing on the same issue.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” This is banking with a bang. Not only will graduating with a degree from Rockhurst further your career opportunities, the Liberal Arts education will liberate your mind and challenge you to think critically and to formulate decisions in a comprehensive and responsible fashion, following your own informed conscience. That’s what the Rockhurst education is all about, Learning, Leadership, and Service in the Jesuit Tradition.

Freedom of information and academic freedom are the life-blood of the American Revolution. Continue the revolution by investing in knowledge.

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