Monday, August 30, 2010

Half a Million Dollars & Service w/ a Smile

One of the things that is part of a Rockhurst University education is getting involved in community service.  One of our Greek sororities, the Zetas, has taken on the task of promoting the local Catholic school of Our Lady of the Presentation in Lee's Summit, MO that serves grades kindergarten through 8.  Kohl's Cares for Kids is running a contest to see which private school in the nation can get the most votes.  Presently (to my knowledge) Our Lady of the Presentation is ranked #15.  The top 20 schools in the nation with the most votes will each be awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!

Because the closing date is September 3rd (2010), one can't take being in 15th place as a shoe-in.  That can change hour by hour.  To vote, follow this link and keep in mind that you are allowed (and encouraged!) to vote FIVE TIMES.

I live in Lee's Summit and this is the Roman Catholic parish I attend when I'm not attending the Byzantine Catholic parish which is nearby in Sugar Creek.  (To find out about that church—which doesn't run a school—check out this link: )

Rockhurst University gets quite involved in the local community and has all sorts of Service Learning projects.  Check us out.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Back At It

Well we're back at it.  I can't believe more than a full week of classes has come and gone!  I'm once again teaching Intro to NT Greek and the students are awesome.  They're catching on pretty quick.  It's a fun class.  I have 25 students.

I'm also teaching the Honor's version of TH 1000, and that group is really great as well.  So we're off to a good start.

Yesterday I met with a prospective student who's a senior in St. Louis who's thinking about majoring in theology.  While theology might not be your thing, definitely think about coming to Rockhurst University to check out the wide range of majors and programs we offer and all the exciting classes.

And don't miss our Centennial bash!