Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Well, I’m back in the saddle again teaching. I enjoy the excitement of the students. It’s good to be back in the classroom after being on sabbatical last semester. I still have a lot to wrap up from my project, but I look forward to meeting new people and reconnecting with former students who signed up for me again in more advanced classes.

I’ve also gotten the chance to speak with students I knew who are now planning for graduate studies and anxiously waiting to hear about acceptance into grad school.

I suppose there’s a sense of anticipation in the air, looking forward to Spring, to new opportunities, to the new presidency etc. If you’re remotely thinking about checking out Rockhurst University, why don’t ya sign up for Rockview which is March 1-2. It’ll be a fun weekend. Check us out. http://www.rockhurst.edu/admission/events/rockview/index.asp

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Undergrad Publishes in Prestigious Journal

One of the great benefits of attending a private school like Rockhurst University is the one-on-one contact you’ll receive with your professors. Case in point, one of the students who had been in some of my classes received a Deans’ Summer Research Fellowship. Andrea Essner chose to research feminine imagery of God as employed in late Medieval English texts. I served as her mentor, directing her research of both primary and secondary literature. We met several times over the course of this past summer to discuss her findings and to propose a thesis statement for the paper she would write. My goal was to have her submit this as an article for publication in a scholarly journal. Andrea felt daunted by the task, but I knew she could do it.

It’s not often that undergraduates get to publish in journals that people with Ph.D.s compete with one another to get into. Andrea plans to go onto grad school and so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to prep her for that in a more focused way and hone her research and writing skills. (We do give students planning to go onto grad school a lot of mentoring here at Rockhurst.) Well, Andrea’s article was so good that upon her first submission it was accepted! Many times you might need to submit an article to one place, get rejected, and then submit it elsewhere until it’s finally accepted. Anyhow, Andrea’s article, “God as Mother in Post-Black Death English Mystical Texts,” will very shortly appear in Magistra (Winter 2008): 14.2. I’m quite proud of her!

If you attend a state college, you’re very unlikely to get such one-on-one mentoring with a faculty member; you can be lost in a sea of thousands of students.

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