Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Wing and A Prayer

Sometimes in life we're flying by the seat of our pants. Sometimes it's with a wing and a prayer. Check out this true video of a pilot who lost one wing while in flight and how he landed the plane safely! In that one moment the pilot needed to maintain his calm and pull together all the learning and experience he had ever had. While I'm not envisioning your life-experiences to be so catastrophic, a sound and thorough well-balanced education at Rockhurst University can prepare you to face whatever life throws at you and to maneuver your way through life's hurdles with calm, grace, and a solid footing. Our academic Liberal Arts Program is coupled with a grounding in Catholic Jesuit wisdom and spirituality. Our focus is on the whole person and thus quite distinct from a State school education that doesn't address the spiritual side of the human equation. At Rockhurst, things add up and become an integrated whole. Going elsewhere, you only get less. When life hits you hard and you're just left with a wing and a prayer, knowing how to pull on your comprehensive learning and to spiritually "wing it," helps.