Friday, February 26, 2010


Don't know about you, but I've been trying to watch the Winter Games as much as possible. These athletes are amazing. What sets the Olympians apart from other contenders? They push the envelope; they compete on the edge.

One of the hallmarks of Jesuit education is the sense of magis. Magis means "more," but is much more than that. It embodies the notion of striving for excellence, maxing out--in the positive sense. Magis means the drive to reach your ultimate potential. The Rockhurst University experience provides the conditions in which students are challenged to reach their fullest, to stand on the podium of life, as it were. Granted, not everyone can get the gold, but not everyone has the chance to do the mogul run, or skate on the speed track, etc. Just to qualify for the Olympic Games is an awesome achievement in itself!

In one sense, Rockhurst trains students for the "extreme sport" called LIFE. Running the "rat race," etc, whatever one wants to call it; life is a constant set of challenges that invite us to excel and reach our fullest potential. A focus on the Liberal Arts in the Jesuit tradition caring for the whole person, is what sets Rockhurst a part.

Game on!

BTW, one of our outstanding student athletes is Aaron Hill. He is one of the top five in the whole nation to receive the award for the 2009-10 ESPN The Magazine College Division First Team Academic All-American®. Way to go Aaron!!! Read about him: