Thursday, August 27, 2009

Juggling Life

Ok, watch this video (below) of an amazing female gymnast doing a floor exercise and catching and throwing a ball with either her hands or feet or legs and doing gymnastic tumbling all at the same time. Pretty cool stuff, if not downright awesome.

That kinda depicts my life, not that I’m that co-ordinated and graceful when juggling things in life, but it gives you a good impression of what it’s like being a professor. I teach of course, trying to foster learning in and out of the classroom. I chat with students who drop in. I serve on committees, two to be exact: I chair the Information Technology Committee and I serve as Modal Rep on the Core Implementation Committee that decides which courses should be given Core status in the university. I’m also the mentor of the Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society for Theology and Religious Studies. Besides that I keep up a scholarly career of publishing about one to two articles per year and giving workshop lectures. I’m involved in the everyday university life and lots of behind the scenes things.

But when it comes to juggling I’m also a husband and a father. Because my wife runs a British style preschool and is thus tied down, I take our daughter to doctor’s appointments and run her to ballet practice. Every late afternoon/evening I come home and cook dinner because the daycare runs til 5:30. And then of course we have family time and activities and I have to keep up the house and yard and run errands etc.

So, you get the picture. Life is juggling. Some do it better than others. At Rockhurst University we help in-coming freshmen adapt to college life and learn how to juggle classes and activities. Rockhurst it a great place to be. Check us out.

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