Friday, September 25, 2009

Booked Solid

Well I'm a bit late in getting this blog out. Why? because after fifteen years of research and two years of writing (in spurts) I'm finally finished my book on feminine images of God used by saints of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. The book is pretty hefty because its so comprehensive canvassing writers from the first century through the twentieth. The texts were originally written in Syriac, Greek, Armenian, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. It took me quite awhile to translate them all. I just sent the prospectus out to the publisher yesterday and now begins the wait to see if my top pick publisher is interested.

Part of being a professor at Rockhurst University is doing scholarship. Our main focus is on teaching: communicating knowledge and fostering practical learning. Our second focus is on scholarship: advancing knowledge and fostering academic learning. Our third focus is on service: applying knowledge and fostering experiential learning. The whole enterprise is about the transformative and life-creating power of knowledge and wisdom. All three feed into one another and sustain one another. This Liberal Arts approach empowers a person to become a well-rounded and well-balanced person.

Well the buzzer went off this morning and woke me up. In the dream I was having at the moment, I was looking at myself laying in bed, DREAMING about getting more sleep. I think my body and psyche is telling me something! I'm looking forward to a nice long sleep in this Saturday morning, that's if our six year old daughter doesn't wake me/us up early.

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