Monday, October 12, 2009

My Oh Maya 2012

Perhaps you’ve heard the hype that the Mayan Calendar “predicts” the end of the world in 2012. Well, the actuality is some non-Mayan thinkers influenced by Western civilization are foisting their worldview and presumptions upon a culture which entertained no such thoughts. In fact, the Mayan Calendar in actuality “talks” about the date 4772, long past the supposed apocalyptic end of the world (2012) as interpreted by some Western speculators. See this link.

One of the things we do at Rockhurst University is require our students to take a Global Perspectives Requirement which immerses them in a non-American cultural perspective. It is essential that students recognize the danger of presuming everyone thinks like they do and holds to the same worldviews and ideologies. Healthy international dialogue, exchange, and global peace cannot exist if various parties fail to understand where the other is coming from, and what actual differences do exist, rather than supposed agreements and/or disagreements.

Rockhurst University supports a strong international perspective in courses as diverse as biology, economics, psychology, history, music, political science, business, english, management, and theology just to name a few. Check us out:

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