Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chillin' in the Blazin' Heat

Well I’m back from vacation, if you could call it that. It seemed more exhausting than relaxing! Of course, since being back it’s been non-stop. We’re already wrapping up our second week of the five week summer program. Before you know it, it’ll be Fall semester already. Last I heard, we have 412 students in the in-coming class—that’s a lot of names to memorize! Thankfully, in one sense, my three classes are maxed out and that only means 85 students, a few of whom I had in the introductory class I teach. This Fall I’m doing TH 1000 Christianity I: Foundations, TH 3000 Christianity II: Development, and TH 4020 Gospel of John and Epistles. And I’ll have a new batch of advisees as well.

The summer’s just flying along. Hope you’re enjoying your time off. If you’re just chillin' and killin' time, check out our website

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