Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Texted to the Limit

Okay, well this morning I'm going to sound off. I'm driving into work at 6:30 AM and I make a right turn on a green light and about forty feet past the crosswalk I nearly hit a lady. What was she doing? Standing in the middle of the road. "Standing there doing what?" (Glad you asked.) She was standing there texting! I quickly slammed on the brakes and swerved at the same time. She looked up, stunned, and had an expression on her face like: What the hell are you doing? I was already giving her one of those looks as well, and then she realized, Oh, I'm just standing here in the middle of a main road texting, aren't I?

I know texting is all the rage, has been for quite awhile. But for goodness sakes, please be conscious of your surroundings when you text! It's even come out on the news recently how studies show that texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. In fact, your chances of having an accident are 23% higher than normal and usually lead to fatalities.

Texting in the classroom isn't a good thing to do either. You pay good money to get an education and participate in class discussions, so you can't do that very well if you're texting during class. Rockhurst University is all for technology in the classroom (, but not that type.

Anyhow, driver beware. There might be somebody standing in the middle of the road, totally oblivious to everything else, because they're texting! And . . . it'll be YOUR fault that you hit them: involuntary vehicular manslaughter.

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