Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Destination Disney

There comes a time when all dreams must come true. Next week we go to Florida to visit my parents who live in Ft. Myers, are there for a week, and then we're off to Disney World! My six year old daughter as well as my wife are totally excited--I'm not sure which one claims the prize for being the most excited. Even while she was pregnant, my wife dreamed of the day when we would go to Disney World. Should be a good time, of course, as a guy I'm thinking about the more practical matters of lodging, food, walking, weather, being the pack mule, etc. But I'm planning to get some enjoyment time in as well.

So "Dreams come true." Obviously one of yours has been going off to college, being on your own, maybe meeting the right guy or gal, having a blast, getting a good eductaion so you can land the job of your dreams, etc. While Rockhurst University is nothing compared to Disney World, we do have our own set of characters: faculty and staff who can be funny, charming, engaging, perhaps showing a crack in the armor at times, but nonetheless endearing. We have no Magic Kingdom but the science labs can be an adventure in themselves and you'll learn how to pull off some pretty cool experiments. Every year there's the Haunted Science Lab that creates some pretty scarey stuff as well as mind-boggling visual effects. And we have no Animal Kingdom (unless you count the dorms and their inhabitants), but in biology you'll learn about all sorts of neat creatures. And then of course there's Epcot Center, and Rockhurst can boast its own World Cultures Day fair put on by our very own faculty, staff, and students from around the globe, as well as those learning foreign languages. There's music, food, displays, costumes; Did I mention food sampling? While we don't have anything approaching Hollywood Studios we do have a great Theatre program that puts on numerous productions throughout the year and pulls off some pretty cool effects. Did I mention free food and rock concerts and carnivals at Rockhurst?

So while Rockhurst University is not Disney World, it can be a place where your dreams can come true. Check out our website. It can't hurt. And like Disney World, we do try to get education across in a creative way. But seriously, Rockhurst University is no theme park, but the theme we DO have running throughout the whole campus is transformative and life-giving education enabling you to make your dreams come true.

Hope you have an awesome summer (and aren't like those poor kids in southern CA stuck in school until mid-August because some administrators couldn't count to 180!) We do know how to count to 180 and beyond, at Rockhurst. No five minute fiasco here, just a time of your life.

PS We are big enough to have a map of all the locations on our university grounds. :-)

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