Monday, March 21, 2011

Shaken to the Core

I think a lot of us have been shaken to the core with the 9.0 earthquake, subsequent tsunami, and now the danger of nuclear meltdowns.  The event was so profound that it even shook the Earth's axis and now our tilt towards the sun has been changed.  A lot to ponder.

While I hardly wish to diminish the reality and human tragedy that has transpired and continues to unfold, or to ignore the practically miraculous discovery of survivors eight and more days afterwards, this whole thing about the Earth's axis changing has caused me to think, and even philosophize.

What events have shaken me to the core and caused me to get off balance or re-orientate my relationships?  Sometimes being shaken to the core can be a good thing.  Maybe I was already off-balance and teetering in a dangerous path and needed to be re-alligned.  Or what things do I let shake me up more than they need to?

It just amazes me that the Earth itself was so deeply impacted that it's orbit has changed, even if ever so slightly.  But WOW!  Causes me to think about what lies at the core of my being and what I value.  And of course I could be really cheesey and talk about Rockhurst and its core values etc, but I don't mean this as a "sales pitch" whatsoever.  I mean, Think about it—the Earth's orientation has changed!  How often does that happen?  Yes, there was a previous quake that had such an impact as well.  But moving planets is not an everyday occurence.  It can serve as an opportunity to pause and reflect upon life itself.  Life is a very precious and wondrous thing. Embrace life.  (And I'd encourage you to help support our fellow human beings [and other life forms—What about that dog protecting its wounded friend?] in Japan.)

All the best, Daniel

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