Monday, March 7, 2011

Competitive Edge

What will make YOU stand out from the crowd of 2011 graduates in the job market?

To help in that daunting task,

Rockhurst University is launching a new two-week early summer program.  It's called the Summer Business Camp—Mensch Management.  This is for NON-BUSINESS majors (juniors and seniors) to help you learn the basics and the language of business in areas such as ethics, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, as well as leadership.  As we all know, most often the bottom line is $$$ so being able to navigate in a tough economy is essential.

The program lasts May 16-27, meeting all day with some evenings, plus Saturday morning.  You'll get hands on experience meeting with CEOs and a seasoned team.  The Certificate can help strengthen your resumé.

If interested, follow this link or on Facebook search for Mensch Management.

And see what Rockhurst can do for you!  Open to non-Rockhurst students.

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