Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paper Trail

Well it's already that time of year to turn in research papers. Hard to believe the Spring semester is drawing to a close. As a proff I get lots of last minute e-mails needing help on finding more sources, explaining a confusing apparent contradiction in information found, etc. That's part of the whole Rockhurst learning experience--helping students one-on-one. A good indicator of how a university really treats its students is how they treat them when the going gets tough, or when students are facing stress and perhaps personal and/or family issues during the year.

One of Rockhurst University's Jesuit values is cura personalis, care for the whole person. Rockhurst is not an "education factory" where we merely mass produce graduates. Rockhurst is a learning community where attention is given to the whole person.

In fact, Rockhurst even has a slick wellness e-bulletin that offers students advise and equips them with skills. Check it out:

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