Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dust Never Settles

Can’t believe how much time has blown by, yes BLOWN! We had mid-terms so I was busy grading those tests and then immediately after that we were in Spring Break and I was in at the office everyday working from 6:30 AM until 4:30PM, including Saturday. Why? No I’m not a glutton for punishment, it’s just that a manuscript I had written for a book has been accepted for publication and I’ve been swamped trying to edit it and make it conform to Pickwick Publications House Style and be ready for the typesetter. So it’s a good “problem.”

The dust never settles. Of course, I’ve been busy with my regular Rockhurst responsibilities and family duties as well. But that’s what life’s all about: constant change and opportunities for growth. Sometimes it feels like a nice strong cooling wind, sometimes like a dust storm, or even whirlwind.

Here in the Midwest we get tornados, though KC hasn’t been hit by one in over 50 years. But one always needs to be prepared. That’s what a Liberal Arts education at a Jesuit university is all about, preparing you for whatever life throws at you. In the whirlwind of life you need to rooted enough so as not to be blown away, and at the same time know how to go with the flow and bend with the wind, rather than snap. Rockhurst University prepares students for what happens in life by addressing the full spectrum of being human: body, soul, and spirit. Secular universities can’t talk about the spiritual dimension of the human experience, but Rockhurst University can and does, fed by the rich Catholic and Jesuit tradition.

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