Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bookin' it! Text it!

Part of going to college is going to the library. But our library doesn’t just have books, it has access to an awful lot of electronic resources and databases. Our library is more accurately an Information Literacy Center housing information in all sorts of media. And if we don’t own something or have electronic access, we’re a member of the powerful MOBIUS Inter-library Loan system which covers the whole state of Missouri. And if by some strange chance, no one in the MOBIUS network has what you’re looking for, our Inter-library Loan Librarian can most likely get it for you from somewhere else.

The bottom-line is education is about access to information and THEN processing that information in an academic fashion. The internet is awash in lots of mis-information. Reader beware. Rockhurst University provides a solid academic Catholic and Jesuit atmosphere in which to discern and process the information that inundates us every day. Knowledge without reflective analysis is mere trivia. And trivia is at the root of trivial. Rockhurst is not an on-line academic institute prone to the trivialization of a sound academic formation. Our education process is fundamentally communal: Learning, Leadership, and Service in the Jesuit Tradition. Our “academic product” if you will, is embedded in lived experience that has endured for centuries and will enrich the world for centuries to come.

For info on our library, check out this link.
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