Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Great Opportunities thru RU

One of the opportunities I have as a professor is to mentor someone during the summer if s/he is awarded a Deans’ Research Fellowship. This past summer I worked with one of our theology majors, Luciano Garofalo, aka Looch, who had received the fellowship based on his proposal and previous academic performance. I had been researching a particular theological aspect of the earliest Greek commentary on the Book of Revelation. The commentary is pretty rare and was just translated into English last year. (I teach a course on the Book of Revelation and its some pretty wild stuff and a fun class.) Anyhow, so Looch decided to work on the same commentary and deal with numerology, the symbolic meaning of numbers. Of course, the Book of Revelation is known for 666, the mark of the beast, and sets of seven. (Looch the Beast is pictured above.)

We had fun meeting; Looch did his research and wrote up an article with the goal of getting it published. I read his draft and he did some outstanding work. With a few suggestions and corrections, we sent it off to the same journal in which my article was going to appear. Last week we just heard from the editor who said, “The article is very scholarly, informative, and very interesting.” It’s going to be published next year along side mine! What the real kicker is, this journal, The Patristic and Byzantine Review, is a multi-lingual high-brow international scholarly journal and tough to get into. So huge congrats to Looch!!! Awesome!

Being at Rockhurst opens up all sorts of opportunities. Three of my former students landed once in a life time summer internships. To read about their amazing opportunuties, click on this link.
Way to go, Nikki, Sarah, and Jo!

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