Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Advising--That Time of Year

Well this week I’m busy meeting with advisees. I have six new freshman advisees this year. Several are in the Honors Program. In a nut shell, the Honors Program takes regular course offerings and ramps them up intellectually and requires more course work. This enables the students to engage the subject matter more deeply than they would in the regular classroom setting. I periodically teach an Honors section of TH 1000 Christianity I: Foundations and do Honors Options with individuals in my other classes that want this level of engagement.

Anyhow, I’m meeting with my Honors Advisees who because of the program they’re in, get to pre-register for classes at the same time Seniors do, thus before everybody else. At Rockhurst we emphasize the Liberal Arts Education—this is foundational. Every student in the whole university, no matter what your eventual major, must fulfill what are called Core Requirements. The Core consists of three proficiencies: Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Mathematics; as well as Seven Modes (the Liberal Arts): Artistic, Historical, Literary, Philosophical, Theological, Scientific-Causal, & Scientific-Relational. We at Rockhurst believe that by taking 52 hours in the Core (give or take depending on which courses you actually choose), this Rock Solid foundation prepares you to function well and serve in society as a well-balanced and well-rounded person. The Core is about transforming lives.

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