Monday, January 3, 2011


Well another year has started and I’m sure it will be a lot like the last one. In reflecting over the past, one need’s to recognize what one wishes to foster or improve. Towards the close of Dec 2010 I was notified that my blog spot was recognized in the following article: "Top 50 Blogs by Theology Professors", wherein Dan the Doc is listed at #3. Check it out:  ( ). So I obviously have my work cut out for me to stay in the Top 50! I was surprised by the honor but obviously couldn’t have received the recognition without you the readers.

That’s the thing about recognition, it’s never a solo enterprise; it necessitates communal involvement. Rockhurst University gets a lot of recognition for its various achievements whether due to its faculty, student body, or staff. With the New Year just unfolding I’d encourage you to check out Rockhurst University as an academic community of distinction, and consider paying us a visit. I’m sure the next year holds lots of opportunities for celebration and excellence. Have a good one!  All the best.  Dan the Doc

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