Tuesday, November 9, 2010

World Cultures Day

We just had World Cultures Day which is a day dedicated to celebrating various countries and cultures around the globe.  I did a table on Ethiopia because I had spent a month there about five years ago.  I cooked Eythiopian Chicken Stew known as Doro Wat. This past World Cultures Day over fifty countries were represented.  I also got a table going for England, Scotland, and Wales once I heard no one was doing those countries.  That's the adjoining table to the right above.  See the pic below.  I managed to drum up some help from my colleague Dr. Alan Douglas who is from Scotland and now a US citizen, and one of his students who is Wlesh and has been to Wales also pitched in.

World Cultures Day is a fun event when people come to together and work together, honoring differences and rich diversity.  Rockhurst University strives to show how we are part of the global community.  Even our curriculum has a Global Perspectives Requirement with several courses having a global component.  Then there are some courses which are strictly Global Studies oriented.

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