Friday, February 13, 2009

Tested and Approved

Sorry I’m a bit late. This week I’ve been grading students’ tests. I have three classes. The way I organize the semester, I break it down into four equal parts with four tests worth the same amount of points. This helps distribute the information into smaller blocks as well as gives students the opportunity to bounce back if they didn’t do as well as they wanted on a particular test. We also have a research paper due.

Anyhow, all of this got me to thinking. Here at Rockhurst University a lot of the instructors are quite willing to help you do well on the tests by answering questions you might have. I let people shoot me an e-mail and I respond back as quickly as I can. Some drop in my office when they want something clarified, or I even read over prep essays that they have written out. Here at the Rock we’re into personal attention and putting the student first. You’re unlikely to get such personalized attention and help on prepping for a test at a big state school, like you would at Rockhurst. This is all part of cura personalis –care for the whole person – that is part of Jesuit education.

We also have a great Learning Center that helps students. You can get free help with tutoring, study strategies, and writing. Check it out:

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