Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Double Majors & Double Dipping

Recently a prospective student asked me whether Rockhurst University allows a person to get a double major. Yep, no prob. Allegedly some colleges and universities don’t encourage doing this, but at Rockhurst double majoring is a little known secret—unfortunately even to some of our own in-coming students. It’s actually not hard at all! Because Rockhurst has what’s called a Core Curriculum that all students must take, some of the courses you’d be taking in your major also count as meeting the Core req. In other words, you can take one course once and have it do double duty! Because of this, double majoring is quite doable, even easy. In fact, some people even leave Rockhurst with a triple major, though in five years instead of four. But you can easily double major in four years.

Graduating with a double major has many benefits. 1) It knocks the socks off any anyone interviewing you. 2) It demonstrates you have determination and discipline. 3) It provides you with a much deeper well-rounded education. 4) It gives you a fall-back plan if you ever need to change jobs and seek employment in that other field. 5) Some jobs require a multi-faceted background and people who can readily multi-task seemingly different subjects.

I’ll be honest; some students feel intimidated just by the thought of doing a double major, but let’s tackle it this way: at Rockhurst after getting one major, most people have 50-55 hours worth of free electives to take. Yes, FIFTY. Many majors consist of 21 or 24 hours of upper level courses in addition to the Core; that’s only 7 or 8 courses out of the 16+ free courses you have left. By choosing certain upper level Core courses that can do double duty, you double dip and can get a double major without any extra money out of your pocket, or Mom and Dad’s. Or if you really play your cards right, you can come to Rockhurst bringing with you high school courses taken for college credit and already have a jump on things! This frees up way more hours. Even a triple major would be quite doable.

So take full advantage of what a Rockhurst University education offers, double dip and get a double major! And getting a double major and a minor is also in the cards.

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