Wednesday, August 20, 2008

End of the World & the Class of 2012

Well , we just welcomed the class of 2012.By the time they graduate the world will end as they know it. At least that what some say the Maya Calendar predicts. The calendar runs out on 12.12.2012.

I personally doubt the world will end then due to some galactic shift, or being hit by an asteroid etc as some predict. But “The End of the World as we know it,” isn’t that what college is all about? At Rockhurst we try to prepare students to face the real world. The “cozy world” the class of 2012 will have known, will abruptly end (but in mid May 2012, not December 12th.)

Having experienced a broad-based Liberal Arts education will well-equip these students to face whatever may come. And knowing human nature, we humans will probably have wreaked a certain amount of havoc upon ourselves, but essentially we are good, even if we have to dig down deep some times. The Catholic and Jesuit ethos is that we can find God in all things, and make God’s good world better. It’s a healthy and balanced dose of optimism. And Lord only knows, we could use some of that. The class of 2012 is our future. And there are many bright minds, loving hearts, and people possessing intestinal fortitude who can enable us to face whatever may come, with the grace of God. The world will end in 2012 as we know it and give birth to a new world, just as it will end in 2009, and already ended in 2001, etc. But with a Rockhurst University education gradates can face the myriad challenges and opportunities in an ever shifting and exciting world.

For pics of the incoming class click here.

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