Friday, May 16, 2008

Finals are Over!

Finals week is over! Let summer begin! It's been a crazy week here at the Rock--wrapping up the Spring semester. Of course, as a proff I had to assign research papers, and of course these had to be due at the end of the semester once students had enough information under their belt, so that meant reading a slew of papers, about a hundred during the past week. And what would a semester be without a week of finals? So for students and instructors alike the end of term is a real zoo, and you can just imagine how restless the natives get.

Well today is Baccalaureate, my favorite event. It has lots of pomp and celebration and an informal reception afterwards. That's the part I like most: the food--jk. While the finger food is good, the opportunity to see graduating seniors one on one and get photos taken etc, that's the real event. Tomorrow is Commencement, and while that's nice in its own way, it's such a BIG production with hundreds of people, there's no real opportunity for the more friendly exchange. Anyhow kudos to the graduating class!

I'll be in England for the next two weeks, visiting my wife's Dad and some relatives. Then I'm back in the swing of things teaching two summer courses, so I'll let you in on what it's like during the summer, (besides hot and sweaty). And if you're thinking about summer classes, better sign up soon. BTW, they're cheaper in the summer than in the Fall and Spring.

Until then . . .

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