Thursday, April 3, 2008

International Faculty

A university is a vibrant community, composed of students, faculty, and staff. And like any dynamic and living organism a university changes; it grows, adapts, etc. Next Fall Rockhurst will be gaining some new faculty. Because of job opportunities and family reasons our History Department had lost two faculty members. The new hires are Mr. K.D. Motes for Early US History and World History, and Dr. Cecilia Samonte for Modern US History and World History. (Dr. Samonte has already been with us for one year.) Our Department of Communication and Fine Arts had also lost a faculty member to a new job opportunity. He will be replaced by Ms. LaKresiha Graham. A faculty member in the Political Science Dept. had retired and will be replaced by Mr. Matthew Beverlin. And Biology and Chemistry likewise needed new members and thus Dr. Christine Wills and Dr. Petia Bobadova-Parvanova (from the University of Sophia, Bulgaria) will be joining us, respectively. And Rockhurst is pleased to hire a Director of Global Studies and Assistant Professor of Anthropology all-in-one: Dr. Chanasai Tiengtrakul. Dr. Chanasai will help launch our new Global Studies Perspectives requirement and reshape our Global Studies Program.

We eagerly await this diverse group of talented people--from across the USA (from California to Pennsylvania) and from around the world--to enrich our faculty and Rockhurst learning community. Our faculty is becoming more diverse and international.


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