Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Break

Well this is mid-term week and EVERYONE is looking forward to Spring Break which starts Saturday, or earlier if you're lucky! It's been a jam-packed semester especially since we started much later this year. Then there's Easter Break right on the heels of Spring Break. We're back for four days and then off again. The Calendar Committee better not do this again! Just wrap it all up in one enchilada. Anyhow, all of us teachers are looking forward to the time off, though we need to grade the mid-terms and turn in grades by next Tuesday March 11, during Spring Break. Thus for many of us, Spring Break really doesn't kick in until all that grading is done.

As for me, after that I'll be here trying to catch up on stuff, such as writing up reports for powers that be, finishing up articles I'm writing, preparing an extensive writing guide for research papers, and handouts for up-coming Greek classes. But at least the pace will be more relaxed for a week. Hopefully the weather will end up being nice and sunny and warm for a day or two and if so, I'll escape from the office. Please God let it warm up!

So not much new in the zoo besides the animals getting restless and planning an escape.

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